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SNH Global Holdings Limited (SNH) is a diversified holding company with five principal divisions operating globally.

SNH is committed to innovation, the creation of new products and the pursuit of growth through internal organic expansion and acquisitions. The Group’s products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

Ours five principal divisions engaged in a range of business operations:

Precision measurement
Magnetic technologies
EMS, Electronic and Mechanical manufacturing
e-Commerce supply chain and logistics

Through these divisions, SNH has become a global business. With a historically strong presence in China and the UK, we have extended our operations into other territories and now have manufacturing sites, distribution centres and sales offices in key locations around the world. Each of these divisions operates autonomously within the Group. This autonomy, we believe, encourages management independence, entrepreneurism and ownership. However, we’re also keen to ensure that no rigid divisional barriers exist that would prevent a cross-flow of expertise, skills and ideas where these would benefit the group as a whole.

SNH’s five main divisions are:
Our Tools division comprises the UK operating companies Spear & Jackson Garden Products, Neill Tools and Robert Sorby, plus subsidiaries in France, Australia, China and New Zealand.

Principal activities include the design, manufacture, assembly, procurement, sales and distribution of a broad range of products, including:

Lawn, garden and agricultural tools
Wood saws and trowels
Contractors’ tools
Hacksaw blades and frames
Engineers’ tools
Wood-turning tools

Our Precision measurement division includes Bowers, Baty International and Moore & Wright. Through these subsidiaries, the division engages in the design, manufacture, procurement and distribution of precision shop-floor contact and non-contact measuring instruments for the automotive, aerospace, medical and oil and gas markets.

Core divisional products include:

Precision bore gauges
Hardness testing instruments
Optical measuring instruments
Height and length gauges
Tools, micrometer, dial indicators etc.

Eclipse Magnetics forms the backbone of our Magnetic technologies division. With a history of cutting-edge innovation in magnetic tool technology, Eclipse has a portfolio of high quality, industry leading products.

Core divisional products include:

Magnetics separation and metal detection
Foreign body removal
Industrial filtration
Plumbing and heating system protection
Black powder filtration
Lifting and handling

SNH’s EMS, Electronic and Mechanical manufacturing division is built upon the foundations of Pantene Industries and Alford Industries.

Together the two companies specialise in the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic and mechanical products including:

Wireless technology
Digital video baby monitors
Smart airpurifier
Hearing aids
Bluetooth devices
Industrial grade chargers
Coil and Solenoids

SNH’s e-Commerce supply chain and logistics division is build upon the twin foundations of e-Commererce Logistics and Direct Wines. Together with its technology enabled supply chain solutions and distribution facilities, we are providing world class services to its customers in Greater China.

Core services include:

Outsourcing logistics management
3PL services and Order fulfilment
e-Commerce marketing
Direct to home wines distribution